Alice 2011

A young couple are building a life together in their new home. Andrea and Anna, whilst joking and fighting, plan their future. 'I have to tell you something...'. There are announcements that change everything and make bonds deeper, there are events however that destroy those bonds; like the loss of a child.

Alice 2005

Unable to meet in the city, Alice and Alex embark on an emotional journey of love and loss.

Curious Alice 1971

The story “Alice in Wonderland” is used as a metaphor about the dangers of accidental drug use among children. Curious Alice's trip to Wonderland is not through the rabbit hole, but rather through her home, where the medicine and kitchen cabinets hold substances of lure but danger. After ingesting one of these substances, Alice, now in the Wonderland of her mind, has an altered sense of reality. In her new psychedelic world, she is exposed to more and more drugs, which she may take based on her impaired judgment from the initial drug use.

Alice Gets in Dutch 1924

Alice misbehaves in school and is forced to sit in the corner. She falls asleep and dreams, but schoolwork intrudes even into her dreams. Alice dreams of dancing dogs and donkeys until her fun is interrupted by three walking schoolbooks.

Alice Cares 2015

In order to meet future care demands for elderly who are lonely and suffering from dementia, carebot Alice has been developed. Can a robot build a human relationship with someone and thus replace a person of flesh and blood? The three women, all getting on in years, who are visited by her in Alice Cares actually become pretty fond of the robot girl. Carebot Alice leaves the laboratory to visit Mrs. Remkes, Mrs. Schellekens-Blanke and Mrs. van Wittmarschen, each in their own house. The three women are getting on in age and are therefore exceptionally suited for the services of Alice, who has been developed by SELEMCA. This is a research group which tries to discover, with the help of community nurses and family, how 'sociobot' Alice should talk and react to stem the effects of loneliness on older women. The outcome of the experiment is surprising for all involved.

I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! 1968

Harold Fine is a self-described square - a 35-year-old Los Angeles lawyer who's not looking forward to middle age nor his upcoming wedding. His life changes when he falls in love with Nancy, a free-spirited, innocent, and beautiful young hippie. After Harold and his family enjoy some of her "groovy" brownies, he decides to "drop out" with her and become a hippie too. But can he return to his old life when he discovers that the hippie lifestyle is just a little too independent and irresponsible for his tastes?

Alice Rose 2006

A damsel in distress agrees to run away with her wealthy lover in order to escape from her abusive husband. But all is not as it seems in this 1940s film noir.

Still Alice 2016

Documentary about the film Alice in the cities.

Alice in the Jungle 1925

Alice and Julius the cat are riding an elephant through the jungle. Julius falls and is nearly eaten by crocodiles but manages to escape nevertheless. Meanwhile, two elephant children are having fun at a watering hole and a monkey barber has his barber pole eaten by a hippo, who mistakes it for a candy cane. Julius tries to remedy the latter injustice by starching up a tiger's striped tail and knocking it off, using it as a replacement pole. Alice hunts a lion who proves to be too much for her to handle, but Julius bravely comes to the rescue.

Concert for Alice 1985

Even with good acting, pleasant music, and artistic photography, this "love-boat" story of romance is more like Alice in Wonderland rather than Alice on the streets of Zurich. The Zurich Alice is a flautist who plays for the passersby like many another street or Metro musician. While so engaged, she meets a VIP Russian flautist who has defected and is living in the city. He falls in love with her and as a gesture of his devotion decides to arrange her solo concert debut. Meanwhile, Alice easily figures out what his plans are and devises her own secret scheme. When the day of the performance arrives, her Russian heartthrob is in for a flattering surprise, sure to end his bachelor status. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Alice Cooper: Brutally Live 2000

1. The Controler 2. Brutal Planet 3. Gimme 4. Go to Hell 5. Blow Me a Kiss 6. I'm Eighteen 7. Pick Up the Bones 8. Feed My Frankenstein 9. Wicked Young Man 10. Dead Babies 11. Ballad of Dwight Fry 12. I Love the Dead 13. Devil's Food 14. The Black Widow 15. No More Mr. Nice Guy 16. It's Hot Tonight 17. Caught in a Dream 18. It's the Little Things 19. Poison 20. Take It Like a Woman 21. Only Women Bleed 22. You Drive Me Nervous 23. Under My Wheels 24. School's Out 25. Billion Dollar Babies 26. My Generation 27. Elected Shot in London during the 2000 world tour, Brutally Live showcases Alice Cooper doing what he's been doing better than anyone else over the past 25 years: turning a rock concert into a campy theatrical extravaganza. That he's old enough to be almost anyone in the audience's (grand?)father is quite beside the point. For Alice remains one of the few who knows that rock & roll should be fun, even if that means severed heads, gushing blood, and murdered babies.

Alice Goodbody 1974

Sharon Kelly plays a naive waitress who sleeps her ways to bigger and bigger roles in a musical adaptation of Julius Caesar, only to suffer some form of physical calamity every time the cameras roll.

Alice & Iza 2018

A buttoned up divorcee has a chance encounter with a free spirited younger woman.

Alice Gets Stung 1925

Julius goes rabbit hunting while Alice goes bear hunting. Alice and her cat learn at their own expense that one shouldn't bother animals, whether those be rabbits or bears.


A woman of servitude in 1800s Georgia, who escapes the 55 acre confines of her captor to discover the shocking reality that exists beyond the tree line… it’s 1973.

Servamp Movie: Alice in the Garden 2018

The Servamps and their pact-bound "Eves" are finally getting back to their normal lives as they recover from their injuries from the previous battles. However, when it starts snowing in the middle of summer, one of the Eves, Mahiru Shirota, suspects vampiric interference. Concerned by the strange phenomenon, he sets out to gather the group once more to try and solve the mystery; however, they suddenly lose contact with Misono Arisuin, the Eve of the Servamp of Lust. This movie delves into the untold past of Misono and his brother Mikuni Arisuin, as well as the many mysteries of the grand Arisuin Mansion.

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