Tokyo-Ga 1985

German director Wim Wenders made this documentary in which he tries to explore the Tokyo that was depicted in the films of Yasujiro Ozu. When Wenders visits Tokyo for the first time, he finds a very different city, one with a booming fascination with technology that often clashes with the traditional elements of Japanese culture. Wenders also interviews Ozu's cinematographer, Yuharu Atsuta, and Chishu Ryu, an actor who frequently collaborated with Ozu.

Going Ga-Ga 1929

Anita and Marion realize that an abandoned baby they sneaked into an orphanage was kidnapped from a millionaire. For the reward, they proceed to break into the institution at night, dressed as men to beat curfew, to get the kid out again. This film survives only in very fragmentary form.

Something Must Break 2014

When Sebastian meets Andreas for the first time, he knows they belong together. While Sebastian defies gender norms — flouting convention in his androgynous fluidity — straight-identifying Andreas becomes unable to accept his attraction to another man, as their relationship progresses. Struggling with his identity, Sebastian becomes increasingly determined to become “Ellie,” even if it means walking away from Andreas. Something Must Break brims with raw electricity as it explores questions of gender and sexuality with refreshing candor.

Caw 1979

A crow unsuccessfully attempts to join a choral group, but the other birds' attempts to keep him away are to no avail.

A Portrait of Ga 1952

The 'Ga' of the title refers to the film maker's mother. The film gathers together this elderly lady's everyday actions to offer an abstract insight into her life. Margaret Tait described this film as follows: 'My mother seemed a good subject for a portrait, (she was there), and I thought it offered a chance to do a sort of 'abstract film', in the sense that it didn't have what you might call 'the grammar of film'. It's mostly discontinuous shots linked just by subject, in one case by colour, only rarely by movement'.

Rise 2014

A rags to riches story of unusual circumstance. 'Huong Ga - Rise' is the story of Dieu. Chronicling the highs and lows of Vietnam's most notorious female gangsters| this is a woman's journey as she breaks the glass ceiling in a man's word| albeit| a much darker and dangerous existence. Shaded by the influence and lessons of the men in her life: Nhan her childhood sweetheart| her great unrequited love; Hung fifty shades of empty but a great physical attraction; Tung the man of her dreams| husband| lover and friend; and Tan - the gentle man who promises a simpler life. Each of the men in her life contribute to Dieu's great success (and failures) as she climbs to the top of Vietnam's gangster underworld.

Go with Peace Jamil 2008

An Arabic tale that takes place in Scandinavia. About ancient religious hatred, about love, punishment, guilt and redemption, about being responsible for one's own actions and refusing a path of violence. Jamil stands in the middle. He is fighting the war of his life; a war within himself.

Gå Loss 2004

A documentary following the Swedish hip-hop group Advanced Patrol, after their member Chafic's tragic suicide.

Montana, GA 2019

In the middle of nowhere, three best friends eternally bond when a chill vacation weekend turns supernatural.

Lumpkin, GA 2019

In a fading Georgia town, a community recalls its dark past and faces a grim present. An undocumented immigrant, caught in legal limbo and facing deportation, contemplates his future. In the midst of it all, a massive, private immigration prison generates millions in profits. Where these stories meet, the hidden epicenter of America's immigration crackdown is revealed-a place called Lumpkin, GA.

Phish - 2014/08/03 - Alpharetta, GA 2014

Sunday, 08/03/2014 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park, Alpharetta, GA Set 1: My Soul > Bathtub Gin, 555, Pebbles and Marbles, The Line, Vultures, Fast Enough for You, Back on the Train, Taste, Gumbo, Halfway to the Moon, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan > Suzy Greenberg Set 2: Chalk Dust Torture[1] -> Scents and Subtle Sounds > Twist > Fuego, The Wedge, Light > Harry Hood > First Tube Encore: Fluffhead

Walk on water 2000

An often humorous documentary about the building of the Öresund bridge, connecting Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmö in Sweden. We meet the people who work on production of the bridge, as well as opponents to the idea of such a bridge.

Dawn 2015

Haru is living a disintegrated married life with her then high school teacher, Yuichiro. After Yuichiro's sudden death, Haru meets his mistress, Shiori, who was also one of his students. Fueled by jealousy, unexpected events begin...

Gaandeweg 2008

Sophie just finished high school and is going to college. This means she will have to move out of town and say goodbye to her mother, brothers, sisters and her family home. Sophie wants to live on her own and and become independent, but at the same time she longs to be in her mother's arms, to the safety of her home and to prolong the scary and unknown.

Time to Go 2007

An elderly man is walking through the rooms of the house which he has worked in and looked after since the days of his youth. He has reached a point in life where he is the remainder of the world he belonged to and loved. He realizes that it´s time to go and makes up his mind.

Sanbiki ga Kiru!

Sanbiki ga Kiru! or Three for the Kill! is a group of seven television jidaigeki series broadcast by TV Asahi in Japan. The show aired in the Thursday evening eight o'clock time slot.

Ramm, set, go! 2018

Nicolay Ramm brings Norway's biggest athletes in the studio for competitions a little out of the ordinary. In spite of loose and humorous angles, this is a program where it's really important to win and if you tell an athlete it, they are on almost anything. Fixed coaches are Frida Homlung and Rasmus Wold.

Tenma san ga Yuku 2013

Domoto Tsuyoshi plays the lead character Tenma who has inherited the power to get into contact with spirits but is afraid of his ability to do that. Out of no choice, he has to take on the position of the president of an exorcism company. Kawaguchi Haruna and Minagawa Sarutoki will be Tenma's assistants in his "ghost-busting" missions. Serina will play an elder woman in the neighbourhood who chases Tenma around while Sato Jiro plays Tenma's late father who communicates with Tenma through his dreams.

Ashita ga Aru Kara 1991

Office clerk Reiko is thrilled when her coworker boyfriend, Kenta, proposes marriage. She is excited to quit work and begin married life, but is suddenly promoted to chief of a new department. Why is the president so interested in this low-level employee? Meanwhile, the president's daughter has set her sights on Kenta. A tangled web of love has begun to be woven.

This Comic Is Amazing! 2018

Guest actors talk about their favorite manga and illustrate what kind of approach the actors will approach to making actors to actually play the cartoon characters.

Konshu Tsuma ga Uwaki Shimasu 2007

A man who is content with his life - decent job and wonderful wife - suddenly faces the crisis of marriage when he finds out his wife is about to have an affair. As he's too embarrassed to turn to people around him, he starts posting questions on a message board on internet asking for advice. My wife is going to have an affair this week. What should I do? Based on a true event, this heartwarming comedy follows his path to try to find the meaning of marriage and the way to rebuild his family. Life is not always as it seems like. You always have to look what is underneath, otherwise you'll miss some important thing... --Fuji TV

Ketsuekigatabetsu Onna ga Kekkon Suru Hoho 2009

Rosa Kato plays the type-A Yukie, an OL in the accounting department of a small firm, while Naoki Nokubo plays her partner. Yumiko Shaku (type-B) is a successful drama screenwriter, pairing up with Hiroyuki Miyasako. Yu Kashii (type-O) is a freeter whose partner is played by Taiwanese actor Wilson Chen. Asami Mizukawa plays the last Yukie (type-AB), a university student. She is teaming up with TOKIO's Shigeru Joshima.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (Kannada) 2020

A talent hunt for budding singers, which brings together the best-untapped talent and provides them with a platform to begin their careers as playback singers.

Koko ga Hen da yo Nihonjin

Koko ga Hen da yo Nihonjin was a Japanese TV show that was broadcast weekly from 1998 to 2002. It consisted of two panels: One was a group of Japanese celebrities notably consisting of Takeshi Kitano, Konishiki, Rui Ramos, and Terry Itō. The other panel was a pool of 100 Japanese-speaking expatriates from around the world voicing, in Japanese, their grievances about their treatment in Japan. From this panel Zomahoun Idossou Rufin or "Number 68" as he was called on the show because of his designated panel number, became a popular foreign celebrity due to his anger on a number of subjects that caused him to talk much faster than native Japanese speakers. The show was unique as it was a departure from the way foreigners are traditionally used on Japanese television that instead of being glorified non-talking set pieces, they could converse and articulate in conjunction with Japanese tarento. Another notable contributor to the show was German-born Christoph Neumann who later released his book "Darum nerven Japaner" both in German and Japanese. In Japan, it was published under the title "Iketenai Nippon - Nihonjin no honto no tokoro".

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