The Best of Naseem Hamed 2007

`Prince Naseem Hamed' started boxing professionally in 1992 and was soon well known for his fl ashy, compulsive, unpredictable style . In his career he won the WBC, IBF and WBO world titles at various weights but would always be known as a showman and entertainer. Hamed's most powerful punch was a straight left that was known to knock strong fighters out in a single shot. Hamed was also known to clown around in the ring. When hit cleanly he would smile at opponents, make faces, shake his head, and shrug his shoulders to indicate that he wasn't hurt! Prince Naseem was one of the most flamboyant fighters of our time and this DVD traces the highlights of his extraordinary career from start to finish - blow by blow!

Hameshaa 1997

Two close friends, Yash and Raja, share a passion for cars and beautiful women. Both come from different backgrounds, while Yash is wealthy, Raja comes from a poor family. Raja meets with Reshma, who is attending a nearby college, and falls in love with her. Reshma eventually also falls in love with him. When Yash meets Reshma, he also instantly falls in love with her. When Yash finds out that Reshma loves Raja, he has both of them tragically separated.

5 and 5 1980

A group of soldiers is sent to moshav for a few days of vacation. Or, maybe, not so vacation...

The Pied Piper 1933

The people of Hamelin, overrun with rats, offer a bag of gold to anyone who can get rid of the rats. A piper offers to do the job, and successfully lures the rats into a mirage of cheese, which disappears. The citizens, disappointed that all he did was play a tune, offer only pocket change. The piper, angered, plays a new tune that has all the children of the city follow him, even the new twins the stork is preparing to deliver.

Hamesima X

A man is sent to Earth to deliver mystical and Kabalistic secrets to the Israeli Mossad's superior agent.

Five Hours from Paris 2009

Only 5 flight hours from Paris, in a working-class suburb of Tel Aviv, two people meet. He is a bred-and-born Israeli and she is a Russian immigrant. He is a taxi driver and she is a music teacher. He has no aspirations. She gave up hers long ago. He is afraid of flying and she is about to fly away. What are the odds of them ending up together?

The Pied Piper 1986

A darkly brilliant stop-motion adaptation of The Pied Piper of Hamelin about a plague of rats that punish townsfolk corrupt with greed. One of Czechoslovakia's most ambitious animation projects of the 1980s, notable for its unusual dark art direction, innovative animation techniques and use of a fictitious language

Love You Hamesha 2015

The film is a Romantic Action Love story set in dusty and rugged backdrop of the Odia Heartland.

Half a Million Black 1977

Two comedians borrow 500,000 Israeli pounds from an entrepreneur who launders the mafia money via his night club in order to produce a musical "Awaiting Godo".

The Pied Piper of Hamelin 1980

In 1376, the city of Hamelin is freed from a plague of hungry rats by a mysterious Piper who plays a tune and leads the vermin on a mery dance out of town and straight in to the river. But the greedy city Governers refuse to pay their agreed fee, so the Piper wreaks a terible revenge. He plays his pipe once more, only this time he leads all the children of Hamelin away to a magical mountain portal, from which they never return...

The Pied Piper of Hamelin 1957

The singing, rhyming citizens of Hamelin hope to win a competition with rival towns for royal recognition. To this end, the mayor outlaws play (which is a bit hard on the children) and refuses to help a rival town when it's flooded. But rats (seen only as shadows), fleeing the flood, invade Hamelin in droves; a magical piper, whose music only children (and rats) can hear, strikes a bargain...which, once the rats are gone, the Mayor and council renege on, to their subsequent regret.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 2014

Immediately after the events of The Desolation of Smaug, Bilbo and the dwarves try to defend Erebor's mountain of treasure from others who claim it: the men of the ruined Laketown and the elves of Mirkwood. Meanwhile an army of Orcs led by Azog the Defiler is marching on Erebor, fueled by the rise of the dark lord Sauron. Dwarves, elves and men must unite, and the hope for Middle-Earth falls into Bilbo's hands.

The Wanderer 2010

Isaac, a young yeshiva student, is an only child to born again orthodox parents. Trapped in a dysfunctional family and a failing body, Isaac finds refuge in wandering. Tormented by his newfound infertility, Isaac looks for answers in his father dubious past. Wandering through the backstreets of the city, he seeks deliverance.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin 1918

A traveler comes into a town overrun with rats and vermin. He promises to free the place of the pests and names his price. When the townspeople refuse to pay him after he has done what he promised, he plays his tune again with consequences. This film survives in incomplete/fragmentary form.

The Butler 2013

A look at the life of Cecil Gaines who served eight presidents as the White House's head butler from 1952 to 1986, and had a unique front-row seat as political and racial history was made.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin 1985

The town of Hamelin pays the ultimate price after reneging on their promise to the pied piper. Based on the poem by Robert Browning.

Violinist of Hamelin 1996

Flute is a young girl living in the small Staccato village of the kingdom of Sforzend, till the day when Queen Horn's barrier is destroyed, and that Flute learns she is the queen's daughter... Now to protect the world from the menacing army of demons, she must travel to the capital with her mysterious childhood friend Hamel, who has still to learn the truth about his own heritage.

Magpie 2019

After serving 17 years in prison for a murder conviction, Asa Katz receives an early release on the condition that he continues to cooperate with the police as their jailhouse informant. Asa returns to his old neighborhood and to his older brother, David, a successful realtor who made his money in dubious business dealings. Conflicting interests put Asa in precarious situations, and he finds himself torn between his life of crime and his work with the police, all the while skillfully navigating both worlds to his advantage.

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