Young Malang 2013

3 men and 3 women from different backgrounds form a strong friendship.

Ibuku Malang Ibu Tersayang 1990

Sasongko impregnates Corry, a university student who works in his office, and refuses to take responsibility. Corry is expelled from the house Sasongko had given her by his wife Mrs. Sasongko. Then, 18 years later, Sonny, Corry’s son, who has been taught to hate his father although he was never told his name, starts looking for him. In the meantime, Prasetyo, a respected businessman, who has a harmonious family, is in the midst of constructing a large building for his wife. Before the construction can be completed, cement prices skyrocket due to a shortage of supplies, and Prasetyo needs more money than expected to keep the work going. He seeks the assistance of Nur to find funds. Nur succeeds in getting a loan from Sasongko, who now heads a powerful conglomerate.

Istriku Sayang Istriku Malang 1977

After being pregnant for the third time, Shinta has to undergo another operation. After this, Shinta becomes frigid. Norman, her husband, then finds himself a girlfriend, Yulia, a colleague. Shinta divorces him and she leaves with her two children to brave Jakarta’s city life. Norman then comes to his senses and tries to look for his wife and children. He manages to find her in a very poor and weak condition before she dies.

Malang 2020

Advait visits Goa where he meets Sara, a free-spirited girl who lives life unshackled. Opposites attract and all goes well until life turns upside down. Years later, Advait is on a killing spree with cops Aghase and Michael in his way.

Malanga 1967

Gerard Malanga reads his poetry for 24 frames, dances to Velvet Underground for 24 frames, reads for 23 frames, dances for 23 frames, reads for 22 frames, etc., until he is doing both things alternately one frame at a time. An experiment in Audio-visual synaesthesia called Discontinuous film. No frame is missed however brief its exposure because the synthaesthesia increases efficiency of both eye and ear.

Hotel Malángel 2021

A sudden pandemic turns the Hotel Malangel into a deadly labyrinth. To survive this night you have to hide, but behind the door of every room there's a surprise waiting... The arrival of some guys ready to face the Apocalypse brings a glimmer of hope... But their only mission is to get to Malangel's suite and rescue her before it's too late... A horror story with zombies, music and the fight against lgtbiphobia.

Gerard Malanga's Film Notebooks 1964

This compilation of Gerard Malanga's short films consists of a collection of extremely rare footage and film portraits providing candid and interesting glimpses of Bob Dylan, Salvador Dalí, Jane Fonda and The Velvet Underground among other 1960s icons and featuring original music by Angus MacLise, who was the first drummer to perform with The Velvet Underground.

Malangan Labadama: A Tribute to Buk-Buk 1980

For the people of Mandak region, New Ireland,the most dramatic and complex ceremonial events are those surrounding death. The creation and presentation of the Malangan Labadama with its carved figures, masked dancers and feasting is the final tribute by three brothers to a deceased clansman and former leader.

Rocks in a Windless Wadi 2022

Mysterious images shot around a wadi (a waterway in North Africa or the Middle East, often dried up), perceived as too calm by the filmmaker and his brother hence the “windless” of the title, are the setting for excerpts of audio conversations. In these, three men painfully describe their unmentionable traumas, which they have buried since childhood.