Summertime 2015

In 1971, Carole and Delphine meet and fall in love in Paris. When Carole follows Delphine back to her family farm in Limousin, the two find lesbianism and feminism are not as easy in the countryside.

Arrière-saison 1950

A woman waits for her husband, a woodcutter, during long lonely days. She becomes weary and leaves him to live with her sister. He takes the news with a look of resignation, but the next day she returns to wait for him again.

My Favorite Season 1993

Old woman Berthe leaves her house to live in her daugter Emilie's one. Emilie and her brother Antoine have fallen out three years ago and have not seen each other since, but Emilie invites him for Christmas. Memories will come up, and will be depicted both Berthe's destiny and the strange relationship between Emilie and Antoine.

The Fifth Season 2012

Villagers find their situation growing increasingly desperate when their community becomes engulfed in an endless winter.

A Season in France 2018

An African high school teacher flees his war-torn country for France, where he falls in love with a Frenchwoman who offers a roof for him and his family.

Cairo Season 1933

Comedy with an Egyptian backdrop: Businessman Tobby and the Countess Stafanie wish to take all the fun away from their single parents and make them marry each other. Their parents have the same plan, too ... but with regards to their nosy kids. And so it happens, that Tobby wants to surprise the parents with the announcement of their -- the parents' -- engagement at a party (so nice to let them know), but is one-upped by Stefanie's father, the old Count, who announces the engagement of the kids. To avoid a scandal, they have to get married, but will divorce later.

L'arrière-saison 2007

Inspired by the dominant motif of the novel by the great Austrian writer Adalbert Stifter, "L’Arrière-saison" is a diptych about roses.

Late Season 2016

A journey to Kyoto. In late autumn, as the maple leaves turn red, city dwellers cross paths in the shaded walkways of the Imperial Park.

Off Season 2017

Tired park ranger Jude struggles to find her place in her team. Her determination to prove herself leads her to a place where she'll find herself lonelier than ever.

Season in Salzburg 1961

The actors Heinz Doll, Hans Stiegler and Werner Mack have failed to look after the end of the last season in time for a new commitment and are now unemployed. Since they are just right that the Salzburg mountain hotel "Zum Blaue Enzian" staff looking for.

Saison in Salzburg 1952

The actors Heinz Doll, Hans Stiegler and Werner Mack have failed to look after the end of the last season in time for a new commitment and are now unemployed. Since they are just right that the Salzburg mountain hotel "Zum Blaue Enzian" staff looking for.

Ende der Saison 2001

Klarissa, 26 years old, takes intensively care of her mother Waltraud who has a terminal illness. However, Waltraud isn't grateful, but amused because she doesn't want anyone's pity. As she doesn't like Klarissa's boring boyfriend Marius, she -together with her partner Enno- tries to convince her daughter to leave Marius and enjoy her life. Enno also wants to improve the women's relationship, which changes Klarissa's feelings towards him dramatically.

The Last Season 1992

Years ago, Jean Marsan had aspirations to be a scholar. He also had a very serious romance going on. His thick-headed, uncomprehending family soon put an end to both of those unacceptable behaviors, and he spent the rest of his youth tending cows on the family farm. Now he is old, his idiot family members have died, and he's about to sell the farm (now his) to a developer. However, there are still cows to take care of until the sale goes through, and he's not as agile as he used to be. When a young local fellow offers to help him with his farm chores, he grudgingly accepts and their initially antagonistic relationship deepens over the summer. The director of this film grew up in the French Alps on a farm similar to this one and has taken care that the details of farm management are accurately and precisely depicted. Of particular interest to cheese connoisseurs is the footage of the two men making a delicious but probably unhygienic local cheese.

The Season of Men 2000

An 18 year old on the island Djerba, Aicha, is married to Said, who works in Tunis for much of the year. Aicha breaks with tradition and decides to join Said in Tunis, weaving rugs to make money. Said asks that she give him a son, so Aicha lives under the rule of her mother-in-law.

Cardinal 2017

Detective John Cardinal attempts to uncover the mystery of what happened to the missing 13-year-old girl whose body is discovered in the shaft-head of an abandoned mine. At the same time, he comes under investigation by his new partner, Lise Delorme, a tough investigator in her own right.

Falcon Beach 2006

Set in a quiet town where locals and summer visitors mingle, and relationships change as quickly as the tide. Will the hot days of summer prove long enough to resolve the abundant seduction and scandal of Falcon Beach?

One-Punch Man 2015

Saitama is a hero who only became a hero for fun. After three years of “special” training, though, he’s become so strong that he’s practically invincible. In fact, he’s too strong—even his mightiest opponents are taken out with a single punch, and it turns out that being devastatingly powerful is actually kind of a bore. With his passion for being a hero lost along with his hair, yet still faced with new enemies every day, how much longer can he keep it going?

My Hero Academia 2016

In a world where eighty percent of the population has some kind of super-powered Quirk, Izuku was unlucky enough to be born completely normal. But that won’t stop him from enrolling in a prestigious hero academy. Now, he’ll get his first taste of brutal rivalry from other schools as he braves the cutthroat, no-holds-barred provisional license exam.

Hozuki's Coolheadedness 2014

Hōzuki is the aide to the great king of Hell, King Enma. Calm and super-sadistic, Hōzuki tries to resolve the various problems in Hell, including a rampaging Momotarō and his companions. However, he also likes spending his free time on his hobbies, such as fawning over cute animals and raising "Goldfish Flowers."

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