Howling IV: The Original Nightmare 1988

An author who was sent to the town Drakho, because of a nervous breakdown, gets wound up in a mystery revolving around demons and werewolves. She starts seeing ghosts and dismisses them as her own imagination, but when they turn out to be real she becomes suspicious of the odd town and of its past.

The Original Kings of Comedy 2000

The Original Kings of Comedy achieves the seemingly impossible task of capturing the rollicking and sly comedy routines of stand-up and sitcom vets Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, and Bernie Mac and the magic of experiencing a live concert show. Director Spike Lee and his crew plant a multitude of cameras in a packed stadium and onstage (as well as backstage, as they follow the comedians) to catch the vivid immediacy of the show, which is as much about the audience as it is about the jokes.

Chuckie - Back to the Original Core 2014

Chuckie & friends are celebrating 10 years of the Dirty Dutch musical revolution by throwing a brand new theme - 'Back To The Original Core.' Chuckie's Dirty Dutch shows are renowned for their signature 'Dirty Dutch' audience interactive DJ sets, with crowds bedazzled by a blitzkrieg of smoke, strobes and champagne.

The Original Latin Kings of Comedy 2002

This stand up special features material from five of the most famous Hispanic standup comics of their era. Paul_Rodriguez (A.K.A. Pablo), George_Lopez (The_George_Lopez_Show), Cheech_Marin (of Cheech and Chong fame), Alex_Reymundo, and Joey_Medina deliver material on a variety of topics that will seem familiar to audiences of every race.

The Original 2018

Hope in the form of a medical procedure comes at an enormous cost for a woman whose partner is suffering terribly.

The Original Movie 1922

A writer sells his masterpiece to a film company. It gets butchered horribly in the process of getting made into a movie.

The Original Classic 2016

A man is trapped in a cabin during a snowstorm. One day, he decides to venture down into the deep, dark basement and makes a shocking discovery. Directed by John Krug.

The Original Skateboarder 2018

As coined by Dogtown & Z-Boys, Skateboarder magazine was the original Bible of skateboarding and the history it captured in its pages tell the story of modern skateboarding’s roots and influenced an entire generation of skateboarders. This documentary tells the story of how this magazine became THE magazine of skateboarders worldwide, why it meant so much to them, and how it left an indelible mark on them during it’s meteoric rise and fall by the early 1980s. From shoeless surfers riding the concrete waves and the vast blacktop of Southern California, to fully padded sessions at skateparks, Skateboarder exposed the sport to kids around the world.

The Original Mermaid 2002

Story of Annette Kellerman, the international swimming vaudeville and silent screen star whose life story inspired the MGM classic Million Dollar Mermaid starring Esther Williams, which featured lavish Busby Berkeley scenes.

Quiz Magic Academy: The Original Animation 2008

There is a magical academy that is located on a floating island in the sky. This is about the students of one of the academy's classes, who's only chance not to fail the semester is to win a competition where they must show off their magic skills.

Blue Crush: The Original

Before the 2002 hit Blue Crush drew mainstream attention to the world of women's surfing, this documentary captured many of the film's stars -- including Sanoe Lake, who played Lena -- in action on the waves. Other surfers include Rochelle Ballard, Megan Abubo, Kate Skarratt and Keala Kennelly. The film features spectacular photography and a cool soundtrack with the Crystal Method, Dance Hall Crashers, Morcheeba and others.

BIRDMEN: The Original Dream of Flight 2012

The movie chronicles the history of man’s ancient desire of bird-like flight and explains the how and why of arguably the world’s most dangerous sport today.

The Original Christmas Classics 2012

Do you remember when...Santa asked Rudolph to guide his sleigh, Frosty magically came to life on Christmas Eve, and Kris Kringle became Santa Claus? Share the magic of The Original Christmas Classics! Featuring 4 additional holiday favorites! The Little Drummer Boy, Cricket on the Hearth, Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, Frosty Returns

The Original Viral Star 2020

Jim Varney - most commonly known for portraying Ernest P. Worrell in a series of films, commercials and shorts, was the world's first viral star. His versatile characters and talent for mimicry made each of his performances memorable. This documentary short explores his amazing climb to success, going from a down on his luck stand-up comedian to a national sensation and pop-culture icon.

The Original Left Behind 1994

Leading biblical scholars and religious experts discuss the implications of the Rapture, when prophecies predict that Jesus Christ will return to Earth and his true believers will be transported to meet him.

The Original Amateur Hour

The Original Amateur Hour is an American radio and television program. The show was a continuation of Major Bowes Amateur Hour which had been a radio staple from 1934 to 1945. Major Edward Bowes, the originator of the program and its master of ceremonies, left the show in 1945 and died the following year. He was ultimately succeeded by Ted Mack, when the show was brought into television in 1948. The show is a progenitor of later, similar programs such as Star Search, American Idol and America's Got Talent.

Better Than the Original: The Joy of the Cover Version 2015

The cover version has always been a staple of the pop charts. Yet it's often been viewed as the poor relation of writing your own songs. This film challenges and overturns that misconception by celebrating an exciting, underrated musical form that has the power to make or break an artist's career. Whether as tribute, reinterpretation or as an act of subversion, the extraordinary alchemy involved in covering a record can create a new, defining version - in some cases, even more original than the original.

The Original Three Tenors Concert

The Original Three Tenors in Concert. José Carreras, Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti in their first collaborative performance, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Three Tenors' legendary performance.

Mrs. Brown's Boys - The Original Series 2006

Agnes Brown - a widow living in Ireland - runs her home with an iron fist as she manages her sons, daughter Kathy and best friend Winnie. Add elderly Grandad, various in-laws and grandchildren to the mix and Mrs Brown usually has her hands full. Funny, outspoken and never at a loss for words (especially profanity), she gets through life and the daily grind with a caustic remark and a loving wink. What makes the show different is that the "fourth wall" is broken often leaving in the bloopers.

Hur Jun, The Original Story 2013

Drama depicts the dramatic life of historical figure Heo Joon, who wrote the oriental medical textbook "Donguibogam" and became physician for King Seonjo.

V 1983

Fifty spaceships, each three miles across, hover ominously above Earth's major cities. The Visitors that emerge are humanlike in appearance and extend the hand of friendship. Our planet's resources are just what these aliens need to survive. And for its future survival, unsuspecting humankind will need... a miracle!

Star Trek 1966

Space. The Final Frontier. The U.S.S. Enterprise embarks on a five year mission to explore the galaxy. The Enterprise is under the command of Captain James T. Kirk with First Officer Mr. Spock, from the planet Vulcan. With a determined crew, the Enterprise encounters Klingons, Romulans, time paradoxes, tribbles and genetic supermen lead by Khan Noonian Singh. Their mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Spider-Man 1967

Spider-Man is an animated television series that ran from September 9, 1967 to June 14, 1970. It was jointly produced in Canada and the United States and was the first animated adaptation of the Spider-Man comic book series, created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. It first aired on the ABC television network in the United States but went into syndication at the start of the third season. Grantray-Lawrence Animation produced the first season. Seasons 2 and 3 were crafted by producer Ralph Bakshi in New York City. In Canada, it is currently airing on Teletoon Retro. An internet meme, commonly known as 1960s Spiderman, regarding the series has received an overwhelming amount of popularity. The meme consists of a screenshot taken at a random part of the series and adding an inappropriate and/or witty text. Since the death of Max Ferguson on March 7 2013, there are only three surviving members from the cast. Those three being Paul Soles the voice of Spider-Man, Chris Wiggins the voice of Mysterio and Carl Banas the voice of the Scorpion.

Godzilla 1978

Godzilla is a 30-minute animated series co-produced between Hanna-Barbera Productions and Toho in 1978 and aired on NBC in the United States and TV Tokyo in Japan. The series is an animated adaptation of the Japanese Godzilla films produced by Toho. The series continued to air until 1981, for a time airing in its own half-hour timeslot until its cancellation.

Good Doctor 2013

As a child, Park Shi On was sent to a specialized care center, where he discovered genius capacities for his autism. Coupled with an exceptional memory and keen spatial skills, the young savant eventually entered pediatric residency, where he developed into a promising surgeon. However, his mental and emotional development seems to have stopped at 10-years-old, which makes for incredible conflicts in and out of the O.R., especially with the hotheaded surgeon Kim Do Han. Despite warm hearted and fair colleagues like Cha Yoon Seo and Han Jin Wook , it’s a fierce and competitive adult world. One cannot simply tell Shi On to “grow up.”

The Last O.G. 2018

An ex-felon is shocked to see just how much the world has changed when he is released from prison for good behavior after a 15-year stint and returns to his newly gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood.

Wonder Woman 1975

With the strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Athena, the speed of Mercury and the beauty of Aphrodite, she’s Wonder Woman. Beautiful Amazon princess Wonder Woman travels to 1940s America disguised as Diana Prince, assistant to handsome but trouble-prone Major Steve Trevor. Using her golden belt, which imbues her with astonishing strength, her bullet-deflecting bracelets, a golden lasso that dispels dishonesty and an invisible supersonic plane, Wonder Woman combats evil.

Walking with Dinosaurs 1999

Combining fact and informed speculation with cutting-edge computer graphics and animatronics effects, the series set out to create the most accurate portrayal of prehistoric animals ever seen on the screen.

Patlabor: The Mobile Police 1988

In the future, rapidly advancing technology gives birth to giant robots known as "Labors," so named for their usefulness in heavy industry. However, this also gives rise to "Labor crimes," resulting the the need for a new branch of law enforcement equipped with and dedicated to the policing of Labors. When Izumi Noa, a female police officer, becomes the newest recruit of Special Vehicles Division 2, she and her top of the line "Patrol Labor" (or "Patlabor") Alphonse are swept into a series of adventures featuring crazed construction workers, eco-terrorists, and sea monsters.

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