Blast from the Past 1999

Following a bomb scare in the 1960s that locked the Webers into their bomb shelter for 35 years, Adam now ventures forth into Los Angeles to obtain food and supplies for his family, and a non-mutant wife for himself.

Out of the Past 1947

Jeff Bailey seems to be a mundane gas station owner in remote Bridgeport, CA. He is dating local girl Ann Miller and lives a quiet life. But Jeff has a secret past, and when a mysterious stranger arrives in town, Jeff is forced to return to the dark world he had tried to escape.

Creators: The Past 2020

Where do we come from and where do we go ? The eternal question of humanity which religions have tried to answer over the centuries - lt's the end of the year 2012. The Universe is about to undergo an imposing planetary alignment and a Total Eclipse will soon be upon Planet Earth. Great vibrational changes are imminent and set to disturb us. The eight members of the Galactic Council, led by Lord Ogmha (William Shatner), meet to discuss the effects of the imminent alignment. They are 8 creators (aliens) and each one of them governs a Planet. They are each responsible for the security and well-being of a 'LENS'. Together they balance the conflict and allegiance of the Universe. Treason puts Earth in danger and the LENS, the hard disc (crystal core) containing the recording of the entire history, DNA, memories and nucleus of mankind is hidden somewhere in Italy. Everyone is searching for it. If the Lens is opened and in the wrong hands it could reveal to the human beings the shocking

Bury the Past 2021

Alice was married to a deranged, abusive man–a police officer who was regarded as a pillar of the community, but was secretly a monster. After Alice killed him in self-defense, and fearing her story would never be believed, she fled and went into hiding. But now an old police buddy of her dead husband is on her porch. He has tracked her down and wants money to keep silent

Mr. Bones 2: Back from the Past 2008

Hekule, the King of Kuvukiland, is given a gemstone by the dying Kunji Balanadin. The stone is cursed and causes Hekule to become possessed by the spirit of the mischievous Kunji. It is up Mr. Bones, the royal witch doctor to cure his King and get rid of this cursed stone by returning the gem to its home in an Indian fishing village.

Shooting the Past 1999

A US property developer realises that he has a battle on his hands when he tries to renovate a London building containing a vast photographic collection and discovers that the library employees will resort to anything to thwart him.

the past 2021

Two people mourn an unsaid tragedy in this silent play in cinematic narrativity and melodrama, telling an elegiac tale in portraiture.

The Past Tense 2020

James Moore is on the verge of a breakthrough, time travel. But time travel doesn't come cheap, and the bank won't help - so James turns to loan shark Rooney Wagner for help. Now, Rooney wants his money and there's none to give.

Tenjō Tenge - The Past Chapter 2005

Mitsuomi Takayanagi and Maya Natsume both want to become stronger. On there way to becoming the best they learn that there are many things going on behind the scenes, and Shin, Maya's brother, may be the cause of all of it. Mitsuomi feels that he is the only one that can stop him. A retelling of what happened in the past of tenjou tenge, in movie form.

The Past 2018

The movie chronicles the life of Simran, a young and upcoming novelist, who, one day, receives a call from Yuvraj, an owner of a publishing house. He asks Simran to write a book on a plot idea he has, for which, she, along with her younger sister, Alia, goes to their Lonavala bungalow. The arrival of the sisters triggers the onset of some deep, dark secrets of the past.

The Past Is a Grotesque Animal 2014

A personal, accessible look at an artist - Kevin Barnes, frontman of the endlessly versatile indie pop band of Montreal - whose pursuit to make transcendent music at all costs drives him to value art over human relationships. As he struggles with all of those around him, family and bandmates alike, he's forced to reconsider the future of the band, begging the question - is this really worth it?

Reforming the Past 2010

For his performance Reforming the Past, James Benning turns towards his own film North on Evers, shot in 1991. After seeing Andy Warhol's Screen Tests again, Benning re-filmed all of the 59 portraits that occur in North on Evers with his HD camera, reframed them and slowed them down 8 times. This silent film, his most recent work, will be accompanied by a live reading by Benning of the handwritten text that ran through the bottom of the frame in the original film, comprised of his travel diary from a road trip through the USA. It is an exploration of the relationship between image, text and sound paying special attention to the landscape of American life. Claudia Slana decribes this his filmic endeavors as follows: “To understand the filmic image not as a direct representation of reality but instead as an “illusion of reality”, as a “pattern of meaning” that is subject to continious transformation through the involvement of the viewer.”

Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past 2015

Told in the style of Playmates' Half-Shell Heroes action figure line, the storyline finds the Turtles going back in time to the Jurassic Era, where they encounter friendly dinosaurs from the past and dangerous aliens from the future who have a nefarious plan of their own. However, things get even more complicated when Triceratons, Bebop and Rocksteady show up!

Shadows of the Past 2009

Shadows of the Past is about Steve Kelly, a retired rodeo champion, who accepts a rematch with notorious bucking bull, 'Black Friday', the same bull that ended his career several years ago. Steve also must deal with the return of estranged wife Dannii. We see him battle with the prospects of a fading career and the chance to love again.

The Past of Mary Holmes 1933

Mary Holmes (MacKellar), once a famous opera star known as Maria di Nardi, now lives in a run-down shanty and suffers from alcoholism. Known for her eccentric behavior, Mary breeds geese, and is thus known in her neighborhood as 'The Goose Woman'. She blames her grown son Geoffrey (Linden) for the deterioration of her voice, and does everything to destroy his life. When Geoffrey, who works as a commercial artist, announces to her that he will marry Joan Hoyt (Arthur), an actress, she becomes torn with jealousy and threatens to reveal to Joan that he is an illegitimate birth.

Decoding the Past 2005

Decoding the Past is a History Channel paranormal television series that "decodes" the past by looking for unusual, and mysterious things written about throughout history that may give clues as to what will happen in the future.

Shooting the Past 1999

A US property developer realises that he has a battle on his hands when he tries to renovate a London building containing a vast photographic collection and discovers that the library employees will resort to anything to thwart him.

Living in the Past 1978

A group of young people live and work on a replica of a prehistoric Iron Age settlement at a secret location in the West of England. Cut off from the modern world, the group try to re-create the way of life of Celtic tribesmen in the third century BC.

One Foot in the Past

One Foot in the Past was a British television series on BBC 2. It considered the cultural heritage and history of England. Each programme ran for 30 minutes. Presenters included Kirsty Wark and also: ⁕Joan Bakewell ⁕Roger Bowdler ⁕Dan Cruickshank ⁕Philippa Gregory ⁕Lucinda Lambton

A Step Into The Past 2001

A Step into the Past is a 2001 Hong Kong television series produced by TVB and based on Huang Yi's novel of the same Chinese title. The series tells the story of a 21st-century Hong Kong VIPPU officer who travels back in time to the Warring States period of ancient China. He is involved in a number of important historical events that leads to the first unification of China under the Qin Dynasty. The series' first original broadcast ran from 15 October to 7 December 2001 on the TVB Jade network in Hong Kong.

Shadows of the Past 2014

Two very different families live in the village of Santa Lucía who are involved in a whirlwind of passion, pain, and revenge. The rivaling families are the Mendozas and the Alcocers. Severiano Mendoza and Candela Santana are a rich and powerful marriage who live at the ranch, "Las Ánimas", along with their young son, Cristóbal. Roberta and Raymundo Alcocer also have a daughter named Alonza; however, they do not live with the same luxuries as the Mendoza family, which causes frustration and resentment in Roberta as nothing is enough to fill the inferiority complex that follows her like a shadow.

Enemies from the Past 2017

Go Ya supports her family by doing part-time work. Her father had an affair and left home 10 years ago. She is now looking for a regular full-time job. Ji Seok is a lawyer who specializes in divorces. He is skeptical about marriage, but after he meets Go Ya and gets close to her, they face a difficult situation.

Don't Ask Me About the Past 2008

Kwak Sun Young gets into a car accident and develops this ability of detecting a man's past from his body odors. She divorces her husband when she finds out about his long history of girlfriends. Sun Young then sets up a business where she helps women and even the police track down suspicious men and husbands.

Guests from the past 2020

Moscow, year 1982. Scientist Matvey Pyotrovsky creates a time machine and conducts a scientific experiment, which divides the apartment in two parts. It's first part is left in the 80-s with the professor, while the second one is transported to year 2020 to a modern family: businessman Sergey, his wife Svetlana and daughter Kristina. This kind of coliving creates a lot of trouble for everybody, since layering of two times means each of the families has lost access to the other part of the apartment. But problems don't end there: inventor's grandson Pavel, after waiting for 38 years, tries to prevent one tragic incident.

Transamazonica: A Highway to The Past 2021

The Transamazon highway was a gigantic saga, the greatest example of the pharaonic works of the Brazilian military government. But the road that would promote national integration was best known for linking the famine of the Northeast with the misery of the Amazon. This haunting docuseries follows the story of the construction of this highway and its morbid consequences.

The Living Dead 1995

This series investigated the way that history and memory have been used by politicians and others.

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